What I’ve learnt by having a student

Towards the end of last year, my supervisor asked me if I might have a project for an undergrad student to take on for their dissertation. Immediately, I jumped at the chance because who doesn't want someone to help with their work? After sifting through many, many emails I arranged to meet with seven undergrads. Over … Continue reading What I’ve learnt by having a student


One drug to cure them all?

"The pharma companies already have a cure for cancer, they just wont tell anyone because they wouldn't make any money." The myth that Big Pharma has already cured cancer, and just isn't telling us, has been going around for many years. It's something I often get asked about when I tell people what I do. … Continue reading One drug to cure them all?


We aren’t winning the battle, but we have to win the war

Superbugs and antibiotic resistance are hot topics at the minute in the world of medicine and science. A recent UN summit in September focussed on antimicrobial resistance, only the fourth time in history that a health topic has been discussed at the UN General Assembly. The war has been raging for a long time. Since penicillin was … Continue reading We aren’t winning the battle, but we have to win the war

Selectively killing cancer with radiotherapy

Traditional chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments are extremely harsh on the body. In essence, you're flooding your body with poisonous chemicals in an effort to kill a selected few cells. The side effects of this are huge, and what people commonly think of when they hear the word 'cancer'. Hair loss, sickness and susceptibility to infections. … Continue reading Selectively killing cancer with radiotherapy